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  • 产品简介 // INTRODUCTION

    This machine is designed to make plastic film stationery inside page for office appice appliance manufacture . It is an updated equipment of multi-functional processes with overseas advanced technology . The machine combines mechanism , electricity , pneumatics and photography , and is equipped with auto . Deviation Rectifier , Inverter for speed regulation , Ultrasonic pattern roller and Embosser , Pneumatic Puncher , auto-temp-controller , tension controller , counter and electro-static remover to ensure quality . Main control system is made up of servo motor . It is well accepted after being put into the market.

    基本规格 Specifications
    适应制袋材料 Material PO,PE,PP
    有效制袋长度 Available Bag Length 500m
    有效制袋长度 Available Bag Width 560mm
    制袋精度 Tolerance ±0.5mm
    制袋产量 Production 100PCS/min
    工作电源 Power Supply AC单相220V及三相380V±10%50HZ
    整机备电 Total Consumption 3.5KW
    放卷架 Rolling rack
    形式 Means 双工位锥顶固紧式加LPC自动纠偏装置
    Dual working position , center chuck with LPC auto . Deviation rectifier
    卷径 Rolling Diameter Φ500mm
    张力方式 Tension Means 手动机械摩擦式及磁粉制动器
    Manual mechanic friction(magnetic clutchbrake is available for option)
    喂料方式 Feeding Means 变频调速、自动摆臂张力可调式送料
    DC speed regulation , swing-arm tension sdjustable
    机械动力 Mechanical power 主电机 Main Motor 1.5kw变频电机调速
    1.5kw motor with inverter for speed regulation
    传动方式 Transmission Means 机电气体化 Mechanic and electric speed regulation
    定长方式 Fixed-length mode 拉料定长系统
    Web-pulling Length-setting System
    Pulses motor , cybernetic(servo motor available for option)
    制袋功能 Function 热封口形式 Heating seal means 热封线、点花式剪式 Heat sealing-line , spot-ling
    剪切形式 Cutting means 冷刀剪切式 Cold-knife Shearing
    穿珠光膜条 Pearled stripe inserting 穿珠光膜条放料架
    Feeding and inserting pearlier stripe together with web unwind
    超声波滚花 Ultrasonic patterm rolling 中间点型滚花 Spot pattern rolling
    选配功能 Optional function 打孔功能 Punching 孔型规格用户而定(公司可代购) Mold and die is available for option
    外形尺寸 Size 5×1.15×1.65m
    整机重量 Weight 1100KG
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